Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Offshore lobbying gathers pace

From Reuters

"The Channel islands of Jersey and Guernsey are setting up a diplomatic mission in Brussels for fear their representation to the European Union will be marginalised by a cash-strapped British government."

This is a seriously dangerous move. These islands have been protected and promoted by the City of London, via the British government that it influences, since even before the Suez crisis of 1956 which marked the inflection point at the end of Britain's formal empire.

"The diplomatic mission, which opens in September, marks the islands' first overseas representation and is a step towards taking control of international relations from Britain. It is also a rare example of the two statelets working together.

"It's an indication of a step towards greater autonomy and that's probably a recognition of the fact that the Channel Islands are becoming increasingly mature and capable of looking after themselves and running their own operations," Le Sueur said.

The City of London Corporation already has a well-financed permanent lobbying effort in Brussels. This is going to worsen the problem of democratic nation states trying to protect their sovereignty from offshore abuse. And it gets worse

"If the Brussels mission proves successful, the islands may set up offices in Washington and elsewhere, said Le Sueur, whose post of chief minister is equivalent to prime minister."


Blogger James said...

You need to be aware that there is an increasingly strong undercurrent that suggests Jersey ought to be looking at full independence. That it is being promoted by the former Bailiff, Philip Bailhache, suggests that it is being treated seriously. I cannot speak for Guernsey, but would imagine the situation is similar there.

I for one am very worried by this, simply because government in Jersey is massively ineffective and undemocratic, and there are plenty of indicators that suggest corruption too.

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