Friday, October 22, 2010

Cayman News on Cayman Finance's Nemesis

Following our Mr. Angry blog responding to an attack on TJN emailed out to a number of people in London and presumably elsewhere, the Cayman News Service has picked up the story. In an article entitled UK documentary stirs up wrath of Cayman Finance, it carries links both to the TJN blog and to the original article (which now has a link,) and it does a half-decent job of trying to be balanced.

It contains a number of errors - it claimed that the programme
depend[ed] on the Tax Justice Network – Cayman Finance’s Nemesis -- as its main source of information
which is simply untrue - it merely quoted TJN director John Christensen and senior adviser Richard Murphy on several occasions, but its main sources of information were good old journalistic legwork. It also seemed to think that Murphy had written our Mr. Angry blog - which is untrue. Murphy is a senior adviser to TJN and is perfectly capable of doing his own blogging - which he does, ably and prolifically, here. (As far as this blogger is aware, Murphy has never written for the TJN blog - though we do refer to his blog from time to time.)

We like one of the comments under the article:
"Thought it constituted some fantastic free advertising for the the Cayman Islands. . .. It's not as if it could have made our reputation any worse."


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