Monday, December 20, 2010

Simon Kuper of the FT gets it

Simon Kuper of the Financial Times, a sports journalist with an eclectic background, is one of the newspaper's best writers. He has just written one of the best short articles on tax havens in any newspaper in a very long time. Read it all, if you can get past the subscription wall. Here is a brief taster of some of the goodies:
increasingly, the rich inhabit a low-tax universe segregated from everyone else.
So true.
Monaco "has survived both the recession and demands for transparency just fine. The men are still wrinkly, and the women blonde and armed with tiny dogs."
Just as we have been saying.
"I met a millionaire’s son who had been hauled off for questioning after he was spotted hanging around outside unshaven in jeans."
This is a repressive place. A whole lot more on this broad subject of repressive tax havens, in January.
"states need money from someone, and so the poor pay instead."
Yes, indeed. Absolutely.


Blogger Demetrius said...

Managed to raise the whole article. It really is very good. It is a pity the FT does not finger some of the Monaco prominente and where they extract their money from. See the last edition of Private Eye.

8:19 am  

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