Monday, January 17, 2011

Praise for Treasure Islands

Some very nice reviews have been coming in for Nicholas Shaxson's book Treasure Islands: tax havens and the men who stole the world:

‘Shaxson combines meticulous rewearch with amusing anecdotes, resulting in a very readable account of the murky world of offshore and a strong moral message that the system needs to be changed.’ - Financial Times

This excellent book … breathtaking and terrifying - Irish Times

"Pacy, well-written book . . . a page-turner. Whatever tall tales Nicholas Shaxson told his publisher to get this book signed off, I’m glad he did." - Sunday Times

The excellent Treasure Islands . . . Shaxson comes as close to anyone ever has in getting to the crux of the tax haven conundrum, which is to attempt to answer the question: why are they tolerated? - Evening Standard.

More praise can be found here. And at the time of writing, it's still the top-ranked bestseller in the Amazon economics rankings. We are delighted.


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