Thursday, February 10, 2011

Links Feb 10

World Social Forum sees launch of anti-tax haven campaign Yahoo News
Feb 8 - Eva Joly observes from Dakar, on tax havens: "If we are unable to combat them, it is because they are the crux of strong, converging interests. Governments are subsidising multinationals by allowing them to avoid paying taxes and leaders of poor countries are amassing a fortune through corruption." Join in the campaign for change, calling out to the G20, at End Tax Haven Secrecy
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Other coverage on End Tax Haven Secrecy around the globe - see also

The Times of India
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
lapresseaffaries Canada
France 24
El Mundo

G20's push for growth in Seoul fails to outline concrete measures to protect the poor End Tax Haven Secrecy
Feb 10 - As the End Tax Haven Secrecy campaign is launched, our friends at Eurodad provide commentary on the most recent meeting of the G20 leaders. The communiqué fails to provide a specific plan to combat tax evasion.

Day 1 at the World Social Forum
End Tax haven Secrecy
Feb 9 - Christian Aid’s Mariana Paoli reports from Dakar, Senegal, with commentary on Tax Justice Network Africa engaging on challenges and successes for civil society organisations working on tax in Africa.

Turks & Caicos - the destination for all tax havens with deficits
Tax Research UK
Feb 9 - Richard Murphy on the awful irony of the British taxpayer funding support of tax havens that are going bust.

There's a use for the excess cash pile of major corporations - tax it Tax Research UK
Feb 9 - Richard Murphy on how big corporate is generating and using piles of excess cash to make the rich richer while depriving the public coffers. See also Nick Shaxson on Lobbyists seek new U.S. tax breaks Treasure Islands blog

The Men Who Stole the World
New Left Project
Feb 9 - Interview with Nick Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands " ... a highly readable and often shocking account of the murky world of offshore finance. The book provides serious intellectual ammunition to the growing campaigns in Britain and elsewhere against corporate tax avoidance". See the commentary on UK Uncut.

In Zambia, the mines of Glencore do everything possible to escape taxes Le Temps (In French, subscription only)
Feb 9 - Glencore, as self-described on its website, is "a major participant in the global flow of natural resources". The Le Temps report describes how, according to the Zambian tax administration, the Glencore owned copper mine has never declared taxable profits - a financial gap which is crucial for a country in which a 3rd of the population lives in extreme poverty (according to the World Bank). Hat tip Bruno Gurtner (Le Temps is subscription only)

Revealed: 50% of Tory funds come from City The Guardian
Feb 9 - Donations from the financial sector have risen steeply since David Cameron became leader of the Conservative party. Hat tip Kay Peddle. Read Treasure Islands for the exposé of the power and influence of the City of London as a secrecy jurisdiction. And the Treasure Islands blog The City meets a naughty schoolboy.

UK about to implement massive tax breaks for banks, is the US far behind?
Naked Capitalism
Feb 8 - The race to the bottom, smokescreens on reality, and "...the fleecing of the taxpayer continues".

Quelle Surprise! Tax Increases on rich do not lead to exodus
Naked Capitalism
Feb 9 - Debunking of the idea that high income individuals will pull up stakes if their taxes go up.

Travers and the "Tax Taliban"
Tax Research UK and Treasure Islands blog
Feb 9 - Travers, head of Cayman Finance, has resigned after 2 years on the job.


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