Thursday, March 31, 2011

Links Mar 31

G20 Update for March 2011 Heinrich Boell Stiftung
In "G20 countries tackle corruption", Tom Cardamone of our friends at Global Financial Integrity discusses the efforts of the G20 to curb corruption and argues that they should not be underestimated. And in "The US: Still CEO of the Free World?" Nancy Alexander of Heinrich Boell draws from a Wikileaks cable to describe the U.S. sherpa’s discussion with his European counterparts and to caution against dismissing the G20 as a sideshow.

Press Release: Development organizations challenge Ireland on tax justice Eurodad

Mar 30 - Poor countries are being robbed of tax revenue and Ireland is not doing enough to stop the theft, according to 6 leading global development organisations.

Press Release: BAYER appearing poor to tax authorities CBG Network

Mar 30 - BAYER is carefully adjusting its accounting in order to appear poor to the tax authorities. The company thereby reduces its corporation tax burden at the expense of the taxpayer. The fact that BAYER now hardly contributes to community financing is unacceptable.

Tanzania: Expert faults local gold investments

Mar 30 -
The article explains why Tanzania, despite being rated as the third largest gold producer in Africa after Ghana and South Africa, still earns ‘peanuts’ from the industry due to non-collection of corporate taxes as the mining companies allegedly operate under losses. Hat tip Sandra Kidwingira.

Folly of 'no-new'tax' policy Business Word Online

Mar 30 - Interesting development in the Philippines. Hat tip Attiya Waris.

Ugandan Activists call on UK Prime Minister to end resource curse Publish What You Pay

Mar 29 - Activists deliver a letter to David Cameron from 200 Ugandans. “These activists have sent a message to David Cameron that his government should show leadership in reforming UK laws and pushing other European countries to do the same. He has the power to help countries like Uganda benefit from their oil and thus build a more prosperous, fair and peaceful global society.”

Exploring the Role Delaware Plays as a Domestic Tax Haven Social Science Research Network
Jan 10 - "Our results suggest that the state of Delaware is indeed a domestic tax haven in the sense that its corporate laws appear to enable firms to reduce state tax burdens." Hat tip Markus Meinzer.

Letter to the Editor: 60 Minutes Segment on Corporate Tax Avoidance Tax Analysts
(Subscription required)
Mar 30 -
Nicole Tichon, executive director of Tax Justice Network USA, responds to a March 27 60 Minutes segment on corporate tax avoidance featuring Martin A. Sullivan, economist and contributing editor at Tax Analysts

Prix Pictet Monocle

In case you might have been missing out lately on doses of marveling at sheer, massive hypocrisy, you might want to savour the issues in this piece. Quoting from the Prix Pictet site: "Launched in 2008 by the Geneva-based private bank Pictet & Cie, the Prix Pictet has rapidly established itself as the world’s leading prize in photography and sustainability." The Chair of the prize jury enthuses on photos of "the developing world, showing wonderful portraits of people making the best of their situation under really awful circumstances". Consider also - Kofi Annan is Honorary President.

Panel Chairmen: Cut $200 Billion from Budget The Onion

Nov 17 2010 - While this inimitable analysis is from a few months ago, nonetheless it remains relevant. Check out the 2nd and last recommendations especially. Which also reminded us - and having just seen the excellent film Inside Job - of this article:$700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party.


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