Monday, July 11, 2011

AABA/TJN Research Workshop on Debt, Tax and Human Rights at Essex University: Workshop Papers

Last week TJN and the Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs held the seventh in their series of research workshops. The theme this time was Debt, Tax and Human Rights. The workshop attracted participants from across the world (people from six continents joined us at Essex University in Colchester).

The link to the conference programme is here.

Here are the links to the submitted papers / presentations:

Peter Dietsch and Thomas Rixen
International Tax Competition and Background Justice

Steven Eichenberger and Markus Meinzer
Mapping Financial Secrecy 2011 – Changes, Process, Methodology and Implications

Christophe Farquet
The Swiss Tax Haven in the Inter-War Period: An International Comparison

Tim Knight
Equitable Distribution of Wealth and Income Through Taxation

Peter Latham
Land Value Taxation, debt and human rights: A Gramscian Perspective

Prem Sikka
Accounting for Human Rights: The Challenge of Globalization and Foreign Investment Agreements

Ayse Nil Özbakan Tosun
Effects of the European Convention on Human Rights on Turkish Tax Policy and Administration

Attiya Waris and Matti Kohonen
Building Taxation to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Africa

John Christensen, Nick Shaxson and Sam Heinrichs
The Ideology of Offshore: How the unthinkable became practice


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