Friday, November 11, 2011

The Alternative Lord Mayor's Show - 12th November 2011

Reclaim the City will demand Democratic Reform of the City of London at the Lord Mayor’s Show

For the last 800 years the Dean of St. Paul’s has blessed the Lord Mayor on the steps of St. Paul’s. For the first time, that space is occupied by the people.

Reclaim the City will gather at 11am outside Mansion House where the parade begins and make three concrete demands for democratic reform. We will peacefully but provocatively illustrate the sordid, corporate reality behind the pomp and finery.

At 11.30 we will process back to the Occupation at St. Paul’s, where we will join our brothers and sisters in celebrating an alternative to the Lord Mayor’s Show.

The Aims of Reclaim the City

Reclaim the City wants to see the Lord Mayor, the First Citizen of London, once again serve the interests of the Citizens of London rather than the interest of finance.

Our demands:

1. We demand that the freedom of the City be readily available on application.
2. We demand that the local council representing the Square Mile be chosen solely by the votes of the Citizens of London.
3. We demand that the Corporation of London publishes its secret City Cash account held in trust for the Citizens of London.

The Occupation at St. Paul’s has recently issued three demands to the City of London Corporation (the first of which is held in common with Reclaim the City):

Publish full, year-by-year breakdowns of the City Cash account, future and historic.

Make the entirety of its activities subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Detail all advocacy undertaken on behalf of the banking and finance industries, since the 2008 financial crash.

This is the start of a long term campaign, focusing annually on the event of the Lord Mayor’s Show. We have concrete aims and they will be achieved.


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