Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Links Nov 2

G20 Update November 2011: No They Cannes't Heinrich Böll Foundation
Newsletter November 2011: The current edition includes an introduction on 'Does the G20 Wield “Veto Power” over the Global Governance System?' by Nancy Alexander, and civil society reports from around the globe.

Argentina: Buying dollars in Argentina just got a lot tougher

Nov 1 - We linked on this story yesterday, and it is seeing quite wide coverage. This piece also notes "Evading taxes was easier in Argentina before the government updated its computer systems. Now, the tax agency, Central Bank and money laundering watchdog all have access to the same data, and can detect when someone is moving more cash than can be justified by their declared income."

Agreement with Argentina would provide the Administración Federal de Ingresos Público (AFIP with information on US$ 2,200 million in savings El País (In Spanish)
Nov 1 - Discussion on the need for effective measures to be taken by Argentina on tax evasion and capital flight, with a focus on the secrecy jurisdiction of Uruguay - see our recent blog on this issue here. Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero.

Tanzania: Weathering Economic Storm in 50 Years
Oct 31 - The article speaks of the need to effectively implement reforms in the Tanzania Revenue Authority, including curbing tax evasion to controlling revenue leakages and raising awareness on the importance of paying taxes.

Luxury Condo, For Saleh or Rent Foreign Policy
Oct 18 - Why is Yemen’s presidential family loaded up with millions of dollars in Washington D.C. real estate? TJN Senior Adviser, Jack Blum observes, "Was an American bank involved at any point in the transactions, and if so, did it file a suspicious activities report? If so, was anything done with it, or did it just make for interesting wastepaper?..."

USA: No More Tax Cuts At Top Business for Shared Prosperity
Nov 1 - Business for Shared Prosperity, Main Street Alliance and the American Sustainable Business Council, released a letter to the Supercommittee on corporate and individual tax reform on behalf of their more than 300,000 members. Hat tip: Scott Klinger.

Woori Bank and Moskowitz LLP Collaborate to Assist Koreans with Simultaneous Criminal Investigation Program Wall Street Journal Marketwatch

Nov 2 - "The agreement between the U.S. and South Korea will allow the IRS to obtain records from South Korea's National Tax Service (NTS) to verify and compare information reported by South Korean Americans to both agencies. The NTS is focused on monitoring illegal schemes by South Korean businesses and individuals that move funds abroad, avoid taxes offshore and participate in money laundering schemes."

Does Greece have tax evasion issue affecting bailout plans? HULIQ
Nov 2 - "The city of Larisa, in Greece is home to the world's largest per capita ownership of Porsche Cayenne SUV's, while stock markets teeter on news that a bailout isn't finalized."

The Costs of Wall Street Greed The Nation
Oct 26 - "Tax havens overall cost Americans an estimated $100 billion per year - or $74 per month per household ... But it’s not enough for the 99 percent to stop paying the costs of Wall Street greed. The Occupiers have shined a brighter spotlight on the need for our financial sector to actually serve, rather than bilk, the rest of the economy."


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