Friday, November 25, 2011

Tackle Tax Havens - News Coverage

We've been blogging the launch of the Tackle Tax Havens, campaign, see here and here.

Here are some links to early news coverage:

Collect the evaded tax, avoid the cuts Guardian
Nov 25 - "Comment is Free" has published a piece by Richard Murphy. "Globally, trillions are being lost to tax evasion. If countries tackled it seriously there would be no eurozone crisis ... We could stop the cuts: we can collect tax due instead. That way we all win."

'Tackle Tax Havens' campaign launched The Telegraph
Nov 25 - The article concludes with stating the campaign's "three simple measures that, if taken, would eradicate tax evasion and make the single biggest contribution to solving the world's financial crisis.” See also the Telegraph article reproduced on Yahoo! Finance.

Tax avoidance costs UK economy £69.9 billion a year New Statesman

Nov 25 - "New report from the Tax Justice Network highlights the staggering extent of global tax evasion." A great piece commenting on the growing tide of awareness and outrage at the extent, impact, and morally repugnant character of tax dodging.

We like ... Tackle tax Havens Just Do It
Nov 25 - The Blog/Word on the Street says" We super like the snazzy new website dedicated to tackling tax havens. Find out all about what they are, why they’re so damaging and what we can do about it."

Bureau Recommends: Tax evasion costs $3.1 trillion The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Nov 25 - The Bureau Recommends an exhaustive investigation by Tax Justice Network released today which analyses tax evasion levels in 145 countries representing over 98% of global economic output.

Eurozone debt crisis 'could have been avoided if nations had tackled tax evasion' This Is Money / Daily Mail

Nov 25 - "Research by the Tax Justice Network ... found that eurozone members are losing huge chunks of their national incomes to the black economy."

$3.1 trillion lost to tax evasion globally; cost to Britain: £69.9 billion Left Foot Forward

Nov 25 - "The research demonstrates the importance of tackling tax evasion, tax avoidance and the tax havens that help the immoral super-rich from contributing to the services that directly benefit them – from the health and education systems their workers rely on, to the roads that transport their goods, to the courts that enforce their contracts, to the police who protect their property.

Counting the Cost of Tax Havens The Sydney Morning Herald
Nov 26 - "Tax evasion - which costs Australia $41.4 billion a year - is the cause of the Greek debt crisis that is destabilising Europe ... Every year tax evasion costs the world's governments $3.1 trillion, or about 5.1 per cent of world gross domestic product (GDP)"


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