Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Links Jun 26

G20 Communiqué Hits Some Priorities, Misses Others Task Force Blog
Jun 21 - Nick Mathiason explains G20 Mexico outcomes.

EU exec sets steps to tax 2.4 trillion euro shadow economy Reuters

Jun 26 - "The European Union is losing around 1 trillion euros a year in tax evasion at a time when governments are struggling to improve public finances, the European Commission will say on Tuesday as it proposes steps to deal with tax fraud."

How Swiss bank accounts are killing off Africa’s lions The East African
Jun 23 -  A story highlighting the ripple effect and interconnections of financial abuse and poverty.

Caymans reeled in ¥15 trillion from Japanese investors in 2011 The Japan Times

Jun 26 - "Setting up a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands itself is not illegal, but Yukio Noguchi, adviser to Waseda University's comprehensive finance research organization, said, "(Japanese) businesses should keep in mind that they have a responsibility to repatriate profits to the Japanese economy ultimately" by way of tax payments and other means."

Manifesto for Tax Justice: action for our time Tax Research UK

Jun 25 -  See Richard Murphy's updated manifesto.

Aggressive tax schemes aren’t just ‘immoral.’ They can be dangerous too Treasure Islands

Jun 25 - On the risk of losing heavily when caught tax dodging.

Booming Iceland: it zigged where others zagged Treasure Islands

Jun 26 - On how Iceland, following its massive collapse, is seeing an unconventional recovery.

Analysis: Rio +20 – Epic Failure The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Jun 22 - Note comment by Barbara Stocking, chief executive of Oxfam, that the parallel People's Summit "was a vision of a future we want with the people at its centre, and a rejection of business as usual…the failure of Rio+20 will feed growing public insecurity and anger. [We want] to turn that anger into an irresistible demand for change.”


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