Wednesday, September 05, 2012

We're Not Broke, nationwide U.S. screening tour starts

  • “The truly infuriating doc about how US corporations cycle their profits out of the country...” — Naomi Wolf, The Guardian
  • “Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce examine the income side of the equation with surgical precision, laying bare the system of off-shore tax havens, massive corporate lobbying, and accounting trickery…” — Noah Nelson, Huffington Post
In January 2012, WE’RE NOT BROKE — a film that exposes the way that multinational corporations including Pfizer, Google, Forest Laboratories, Bank of America and Apple are permitted to cheat America out of hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenue — premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, to rave reviews and stunned audiences.

Directors Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce have vowed not to let any lack of traditional distribution stop them from spreading the word about the imperative issue of corporate tax avoidance, and have joined forces with the Tax Justice Network U.S.A. and other organizations that are working on fair tax issues in order to reach the audience.
“This is not about the election; this is a bi-partisan issue,” says Hayes. “Leaders from both sides have been complicit in letting corporations literally write their own tax rules. The result is we’re sliding into debt-oblivion and cutting services for our citizens.”
The film will launch a national screening tour beginning September 10th with the Goodrich Quality Theaters in 17 cities in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri. Additional screenings will continue throughout the fall and into 2013. To date, 28 cities have been added to the tour, and the filmmakers are encouraging any person or group that would like to screen the film to go to the WE’RE NOT BROKE website or to bring the film to a local theater through The film is also available on DVD and will be available for digital streaming on the website and on iTunes September 10.

The film includes expert testimony from James Henry, architect of the recent report on $21 Trillion Hidden Offshore; Rebecca Wilkins of Citizens for Tax Justice; tax attorney and Tax Notes contributing editor Lee Sheppard and former Wall Street tax attorney and USC law professor, Edward Kleinbard. The experts and activists featured in the film, and directors are available for interviews.

Find a screening near you.

  • Victoria Bruce, WE’RE NOT BROKE , tel. 410-903-3220
  • Nicole Tichon, Tax Justice Network U.S.A. tel. 202-758-9552

TJN adds: It's a truly superb film. Compelling, fascinating, and praised by top tax experts too.


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