Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Debate on tax avoidance in UK parliament

A fascinating debate. Illustrating how this is not an issue of left and right but for those across the political spectrum, note (among other things) how members of the right-wing Conservative party approvingly quote TJN's John Christensen. There are too many good quotes in here to do justice to (just read it, if you have time,) so here is just one, from Liberal Democrat MP Ian Swales:
The idea that large companies see their tax payments as voluntary, or as some kind of contribution they feel like making, is completely out of order.
The UK should take a look at its own role and its relationship with tax havens such as the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and so on, which Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills has described as sunny places for shady people. UK citizens deserve a full explanation from the Government of why they support those places as tax havens and what net benefit they bring to the UK.
And many more. Now read on.


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