Thursday, January 24, 2013

Links Jan 24

Australian Tax Office approved tech companies' tax avoidance tactics zdnet

Austria To Wait For Revenues From Swiss Tax Deal Tax-News
Which would also give extra time, perhaps, for accounts to be moved or restructured.

UK Supreme Court Blocks Tax Advisers' Legal Privilege Tax-News

U.S.: Court Holds IRS Can Get Key Tax Records Even Held by Your Lawyer Forbes

Spain’s Leader Faces Political Storm Over Corruption CNBC

"Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is facing an escalating political storm after his former party treasurer was accused of tax evasion and fraud linked to a 22 million euro fortune hidden in Swiss bank accounts."

Gimme Shelter (From Taxes) BloombergBusinessweek

U.S.: When Tax Cuts Were a Tough Sell NY Times
Speaking of when Republicans said, of President John F. Kennedy's plan for large tax cuts: "“It is morally and fiscally wrong, and will do irreparable damage to the Republic.”

Responses to post-2015 proposal: (i) Ambition Uncounted
On Save the Children's Ending Poverty in our Generationwhich sets out a vision of how the successor to the Millennium Development Goals could look.

Life in the ‘Alpha Territory’: investigating London’s ‘Super-Rich’ Neighbourhoods LSE

Central bankers should be brought to heel by elected parliaments The Telegraph

New insights into the costs of the offshore system - now in German, from the recently released report
The Price of Offshore Revisited

See also: links from the TJN Germany Blog


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