Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New Book: the Great Tax Robbery

TJN doesn't very often publish press releases verbatim, but we feel we really must publicise this forthcoming book by Richard Brooks, a former UK tax inspector and well known investigative journalist who has broken many of the tax scandals that have made national headlines in recent years.

The Great Tax Robbery: How Britain Became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business
By Richard Brooks (To be published 11 March 2013)     

The first book to uncover the British government’s complicity in tax avoidance by investigative journalist & former tax inspector
The Great Tax Robbery makes a mockery of Cameron’s promise to ‘crack’ schemes like those of Starbucks. As we are assured that ‘there are no alternatives’ to severe cuts in public spending and that ‘we are all in this together’ Richard Brooks reveals the scandalous proliferation of tax avoidance among Britain's fatcats and how new measures from successive governments actually make it easier. From offshore companies in Luxembourg to deliberate exploitation of developing countries, Brooks shows how a host of High Street names – including Vodafone, Barclays, Topshop, and Boots – legally pay almost no tax despite multibillion pound profits.

Unpicking the loopholes and bonuses that bankers and top sports stars like Wayne Rooney use to reduce their tax burden, this is a shocking exposé of how the richest deprive the state coffers of billions – leaving us to pick up the bill. Find out:
  • Why thousands of British state schools and NHS hospitals are now owned by shell companies based in offshore tax havens.
  • How companies like Vodafone are now designing their own tax laws, and the government just ‘caves in’.
  • Why multinationals like Google and Starbucks pay billions in US tax, but pay nothing in the UK.
  • How HMRC turns a blind eye to billions of illegally unpaid taxes in secret Swiss bank accounts.
  • How footballers like Wayne Rooney use image rights companies to reduce their tax liability.
 A must read. Brooks exposes the financial immorality of the rich as never before.’
Prof Richard Wilkinson
and Prof Kate Pickett – authors of The Spirit Level

‘Brooks exposes the very British scandal in which WE are inflicted with austerity whilst corporations and wealthy individuals are permitted to cart their tax obligations to havens over which the UK government has far more influence than it pretends.’ Jon Snow


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