Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Links Mar 26

Tax and the post 2015 Agenda Christian Aid

Render unto Caesar Centre for Global Development

U.S. Seeks Answers in Liechtenstein on Tax Cheats Bloomberg
“Seeking documents from the Liechtenstein fiduciaries is an important investigative step,” which will shed light on “the roles of banks, of bankers outside of Liechtenstein”

Puerto Rico Creates Tax Shelters in Appeal to the Rich Dealb%k

Cyprus’ absurdly large, dodgy banking system, in three simple charts Quartz

Why did Apple have losses in Spain?  El País (In Spanish)

Why the British Banking Industry has become identical with an Organised Criminal Enterprise Rowan's-blog

HSBC By The Numbers Task Force Blog

World Derivatives Market Estimated As Big As $1.2 Quadrillion Notional, as Banks Fight Efforts to Rein It In naked capitalism

Nick Leeson, the man who bankrupted Barings Bank: "My story is being repeated, but should be avoided" Cronista / Apertura (In Spanish)
Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

Spring Training Is A Tax Haven For Baseball Players Forbes

Tax-free culture and art haven to open in Beijing in 2014 Shanghaiist


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