Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Links Apr 9

Tax havens unveiled - Investigation reveals massive offshore network
swissinfo.ch's rolling coverage and analysis on the ICIJ investigation

German reliance on Deutsche Bank outweighs scandals Reuters

Austria says ready to exchange more tax data Agence France Presse
Austria is ready to discuss exchanging more data in an effort to tackle international tax evasion, but banking secrecy will remain in place, the chancellor said Monday following sharp EU criticism

Luxembourg: the EU's top tax haven Deutsche Welle
"Luxembourg operates fully within the law. We are not a tax haven." Utter nonsense, as expected from this white-listed hotbed of dirty money.

UK: Osborne urged to improve tax transparency in dependent territories The Guardian
Chancellor and PM warned by Save the Children to introduce greater transparency prior to G8

Caribbean Go-Between Provided Shelter For Far-Away Frauds, Documents Show Huffington Post

IRS Releases Draft FATCA Form For Comment Tax-News

Tax havens are a threat el Periódico de Cataluña (In Spanish)

Tax Havens 101: The high cost of going offshore The Washington Post
In this animation, see how investors can create companies and trusts in offshore jurisdictions, where an estimated one-third of the world’s worth resides.

Global Resistance to Tax Havens Grows
Der Spiegel

Czech Republic losing billions due to firms moving to tax havens Prague Daily Monitor


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