Monday, June 17, 2013

Links Jun 17

ICIJ Releases Offshore Leaks Database Revealing Names Behind Secret Companies, Trusts
Crackng open the impenetrable world of offshore tax havens, users can search  through more than 100,000 secret companies, trusts and funds created in offshore locales such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands and Singapore. See the video here.
See also: How We Built The Offshore Leaks Database

Multinationals pay little tax in Africa, forum told Irish Times
See also: Give us access to information on tax havens and tax avoiders, African leaders tell David Cameron ahead of G8 Summit The Independent

India approaches tax havens on global black money expose Economic Times

Breakthrough commitment from UK to roll back corporate secrecy; the G8 and offshore havens should follow suit Global Witness

Without curbing corporate power the G8 have no chance of combating tax avoidance The Conversation
Prem Sikka notes, "One of the recurring themes in social sciences is the “capture” of the state by economic elites."

Tax havens agree to Cameron clampdown Guardian
"Prime minister claims success from talks ahead of G8 summit, but campaigners give only qualified support to new measures". See also: G8 deal on tax havens a long way off Guardian "Western leaders are unlikely to deliver anything comprehensive now – but the fact they are discussing the issue is progress" and The G8 could act radically to stop tax avoidance. Don't bet on it Guardian

US continues hunt for tax dodgers in Swiss banks swissinfo

New Report: Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean Institute for Policy Studies
See also: It’s Time Corporations Flew Old Glory Instead Of The Jolly Roger Financial Transparency Coalition Blog, and
'Fix The Debt' Companies Would Reap Up to $173 Billion From New Territorial Tax System, Report Finds Huffington Post

U.S: House Hearing on Tax Havens: Possible "Purple" Issue? Institute for Policy Studies

David Ricardo, “competitive” banking and the Finance Curse Treasure Islands

Dolce and Gabbana tax evasion verdict expected on Wednesday Telegraph


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