Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Links Jul 9

Swiss banking exodus: Going (HSBC), going (Generali), gone (Lloyds, ING, Santander) The Independent

Switzerland: US tax net closes on local lenders swissinfo

Prosecutions of offshore banks challenge secrecy The Sacramento Bee

HSBC wins OK of record $1.92 bln money-laundering settlement Reuters

Zambia still bleeding from tax avoidance Zambia Daily Mail

Kenya losing Sh100bn of tax to foreign firms The Star

A second Cyprus threatens - Latvia's tax policy makes the country dangerous TJN Germany Blog (In German). See also: Over $45 billion is ‘suspicious transactions’ left Russia in 2013 RT "Capital has shifted to other areas. In particular, Latvia has replaced Cyprus regarding withdrawal of capital from Russia”, and People will not put money in Cyprus for years‘ – Russian Deputy PM RT

Turkey's battle against tax havens albawaba
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Compliance deadlines loom for U.S. global tax evasion law Thomson Reuters

In The Public Interest : Four Reasons Lawmakers Are Scrutinizing How Companies Turn Settlements From Wrongdoing Into Tax Write Offs Huffington Post

Global Witness's Charmian Gooch at TED Global 2013

Should we boycott Twitter over its tax affairs? Guardian

Western governments plan to target tech firms over tax 'avoidance' Computer Business Review

Watchdog warns banks to step up crime safeguards Reuters

What’s a £1 billion fraud worth? A suspended sentence Tax Research UK


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