Friday, July 19, 2013

Other reactions to OECD corporate tax report: some positives, but big fails for developing, developed countries

Today we published a report outlining our response to the OECD's new Action Plan on tackling corporate tax avoidance. It follows a report on the issue we published ahead of the OECD report's launch.

For those who have read our response already, we can also recommend this article from Professor Prem Sikka, putting these issues in a similar perspective but in a slightly different light.

And we recommend this press release from the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (of which TJN is a member) along with Oxfam and Christian Aid, entitled OECD Action Plan On Tax Dodging Is Step Forward but Fails Developing Countries.
See also the Financial Transparency Coalition's response, entitled OECD BEPS Report Confirms The International Tax System Is Failing Rich And Poor Nations.

We also recommend this blog from Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK, which provides additional perspectives.

Reminder: for our own full response, see the press release below, and the earlier briefing.


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