Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Links Aug 13

Inequality For All Official Film Trailer

Banks test U.S. IRS anti-tax shelter weapon in STARS wars Reuters

Indian Tax Authorities Focus On Kingfisher Again Tax-News

Onerous new rules on foreign banks in India should be good for them in the long run Quartz

Ukraine passes new transfer pricing law World Finance

Chasing taxes The Slovak Spectator

Nigeria: Firms commence in-house cleansing as FIRS close-in on transfer pricing audit Business Day

Nigeria: Evading Tax Responsibility allAfrica

Ireland: Revenue to move on tax research loophole as millions lost The Irish Times

Gibraltar booms at the tip of recession-hit Spain globalpost / Agence France Presse
"Gibraltar's taxes on the financial system attract money, so even it is not a tax haven it looks like one," said Pedro Aznar, a professor at Spain's ESADE business school. See also: We are not a tax haven

G20: Yes to investment, No to tax evasion Russia & India Report

Global tax avoidance: the long war against tax havens ABC Rear Vision

Bitcoin: Tax haven of the future Politico

Arrests and fines over the London Whale may make little difference to JP Morgan Quartz


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