Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Links Sep 24

Resource-rich African states lack means to hinder big tax evaders, Mbeki says BD Live

Swiss Senate approves FATCA legislation swissinfo

Credit Suisse to close clients' accounts in 50 countries France 24
And is to focus on "rich and super-rich" clients

India Finalizes Safe Harbor Rules Tax-News

Vodafone Lines Up Pre-Conciliation Tax Talks With India Tax-News

BVI news : South Korea to collect 64m USD in tax thanks to Offshore leaks; public talk on FATCA Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Clamp down on tax avoidance to fight poverty says ActionAid The Economic Voice

And Yet it Moves: A Tax Paradigm for the 21st Century Social Science Research Network
By Reuven Avi Yonah. Hat tip TaxProf Blog

How Washington Caved to Wall Street Time
Piece by Joseph Stiglitz

U.S.: Tax Reform Goals: Raise Revenue, Enhance Fairness, End Offshore Shelters Citizens for Tax Justice


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