Sunday, May 24, 2009

CTJ on US healthcare reform options

Citizens for Tax Justice in the US have produced a detailed analysis of options for paying for healthcare reform.

"After propping up major corporations and their CEOs and shareholders, Congress might find it
reasonable to make the following deal. Main Street is paying to make Wall Street healthy. Wall
Street, when it is healthy, will return the favor."

Their proposal, in very brief form, goes like this:

Selected Options to Raise Over $100 Billion in 2012 to Fund Health Care Reform

Reduce Tax Incentives to Invest Offshore, $ 12.4 billion

Eliminate Other Tax Subsidies for Wall Street, $ 15.0 billion

Reduce Tax Subsidy for Capital Gains and Dividends (28% Top Rate), $ 34.7 billion

Expand the Medicare Tax for the Rich, $ 44.7 billion


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