Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Non-dom's bluff called

Last week Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, a non-domiciled UK resident who has been funding Britiain's Labour party, threatened to stop bankrolling the party because of because of a government-backed bill that forbids party funding from people who do not pay tax on all income from abroad. (What right does someone not domiciled in the UK have to interfere in Britain's democratic processes?)

The bill was designed, among other things, to deal, partly, with this interesting little tale.

Now we are delighted to report that, for once, the tax bullies have not got their way.


Blogger Lord Blagger said...

It's a side show.

The real cause of poverty is taxation, but its taxation by the UK government.

Minumum wage is 5.80 an hour. 48 hour week because you need the cash means you gross 14,476.8 a year.

Now what do you pay in tax (and min wage is around poverty levels)

£1,600.36 goes in income tax

£963.80 goes in employee NI

£1,121.51 goes in employer NI

The poor are soaked for tax in the UK.

A few non-Doms are an irrelvance.

Other countries with lower tax aren't an irrelevance, they show what needs to be done.

On top of that, through in the real government debt figures and the poor are shafted.

10:13 am  

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