Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Developing countries: new research resource

A new website is now available called Raising Tax Revenues, with the support of TJN-Netherlands and partners. Hosted by the Development Policy Review Network, it contains a range of academic and other materials on the subject of taxation and international development -- a field which has been almost entirely neglected for a very long time. The new website describes, among its objectives:

"To stimulate and advance initiatives on taxation and development. The objectives of the process are:

1. To enhance the exchange of information and cooperation among relevant actors aiming to support developing countries' ability to raise tax revenues.
2. To present concrete recommendations and tools for policy makers and civil society organizations on how to address constraints regarding developing countries' ability to raise tax revenues."

It also has a most useful "resources" section containing:
The organisation is also mapping existing initiatives in this area, and you are invited to add your comments here.

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