Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Will G-20 act against tax havens in 2011?

France has the G-20 presidency in 2011. President Nicolas Sarkozy has already indicated that combating the menace of tax havens will be high on his agenda. But how far is he prepared to take it, and to what extent will the interests of developing countries count in the process?

At an open seminar at the French National Assembly in Paris this Friday, politicians, experts, journalists and activists will discuss what actions are needed by G-20 to start to rid the world of these menaces to equity and democracy.

The programme covers a wide range of issues, including the merits of blacklisting, G-20 actions to date, corporate tax evasion, and the problems arising from judicial immunity. TJN will be represented by speakers from North and South.

The seminar starts at 09h15 on Friday 18th June. Entry is free. You can download the programme here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if the G-20 re-emphasised and re-established the transparency-based approach to reform - which was somehow lost along the way to the regulation-based approach? (much like argued in Raymond Baker's excellent article on the American Interest)
C. Raciti

7:46 am  

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