Friday, November 05, 2010

On the 111th U.S. Congress: CTJ overview

Citizens for Tax Justice has written a short overview of the battles that now lie ahead, following the latest U.S. elections. Click here.
"The coming battle is not just about defending the progressive achievements of the last two years. It's about defending the progressive achievements of the last 75 years."

They also offer a glimmer of hope for those opposed to relentless tax-cutting. One is this AP story that starts:
Forget all the talk about voters being fed up with high taxes: In hundreds of cities and counties across the country, they are raising them. An Associated Press review of local election results found they boosted taxes to help pay for schools, public safety and other services they believe are essential to their communities.
They also look at sound defeats for anti-tax measures in several states, and explore how many Gubernatorial Candidates with Progressive Positions on taxes won their races.

For CTJ's weekly updates, click here.


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