Friday, November 05, 2010

The Rise and Rise of Britain's tax haven empire - event in Stroud

Event in Stroud, England, Thursday 20th January 2011
7.30pm, Sub Rooms, Stroud

Britain frees financial markets, allowing a shady global network of tax havens, so
‘only the little people pay tax’.
Tax havens cause financial chaos and poverty, undermining our democratic tax system.

So how can we restore tax justice? Find out at a presentation by John Christensen.

A development economist and former adviser to the UK and Jersey Governments, John has researched tax policy issues for many years and has played a key role in campaigning for tighter regulation and control of tax havens.

Rise & Rise


a presentation by John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network

Stroud Pounds are available from Kanes Records,
Stonehouse and Uplands Post Offices and Green Spirit in Nailsworth


Blogger Physiocrat said...

Irony of ironies to have this in Stroud. Are not Stroud Pounds a means of tax avoidance? Or are earnings in SPs declared to the Inland Revenue and the tax due paid in coin of the realm?

The way to prevent tax avoidance is to prevent huge unearned amounts from falling into people's hands in the first place. Consider the £7 billion being handed out to bankers as "bonuses". Bonuses for doing what, precisely? How have they "earned" this income? What wealth have they created in return? It sounds like they are the Kings of the Social Security Scroungers.

2:52 pm  
Anonymous TJN said...

Interesting point about Stroud Pounds. Presumably they are good tax avoidance vehicles. But this TJN blogger has to profess ignorance on this particular topic.

4:03 am  
Blogger Physiocrat said...

The Inland Revenue does not like LETS schemes. Or barter, which is the same thing. Now one might think that the freedom to exchange goods and services without let or hindrance is a basic human right. If one takes that view, then the levying of taxes on transactions is an infringement of that basic human right.

Which is one of my objections to the taxation of earnings (as opposed to the taxation of that which has NOT been earned, which should be taxed right up to the hilt).

5:25 am  

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