Monday, December 06, 2010

On FIFA and the hunt for culture

Following our blogging about FIFA's appalling unpleasantness, and the extremely mysterious and murky processes by which the FIFA bidding happened, we note Britain's Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, saying this:
"I was in Zurich last week and I was shocked that the discussions taking place were not about the merits of where to host a World Cup but who was doing deals with who, and that does not feel right."
Well said.

But in fact this intro is just a rather cheap and tangential way for us to put a tax justice angle on something rather uncultured that has set Britain twittering and giggling this morning. James Naughtie, one of the country's most venerable and respected broadcasters said this.(Caution: contains unintended foul language.)

If you haven't heard it yet - have a listen. It's only 12 seconds long. A longer clip, with the hilarious aftermath, is here.

And in a similar vein, this old letter is quite titillating, too. Click to enlarge.

Sorry - back to more mainstream tax justice issues soon.


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