Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Some Links

We are a tad busy today so will merely highlight a couple of articles:

Why it’s right
to protest about individual company’s tax - Tax Research

Compromise Tax Cut Plan
Tilts Heavily in Favor of the Well-Off - Citizens for Tax Justice on Obama's tax compromise. Also see Naked Capitalism's take and this look at private equity, from Reuters (recommended).

on President Obama's Tax Deal With the Republicans - via TaxProf. Comedy.

Brown rues
‘alien’ invasion of City - Gordon Brown in the Financial Times looking at the fall of London as a reputable financial centre

Combating tax fraud
: Agreement on strengthened mutual assistance and the exchange of information - an EU press release which we haven't parsed yet. A TJN correspondent said "this is potentially a major breakthrough."

Bunga bunga in the Medici court of Silvio. Financial Times. An Italian editor explains why Italians keep voting for Silvio, in spite of everything.


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