Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Links Jan 15

Reputation is now a tax risk Salman Shaheen

India: No progress in tax avoidance treaty revision with Mauritius FirstPost

India defers controversial tax-haven rules to 2016 The Globe and Mail

Africa’s image and reality: wealth and poverty sit side-by-side African Arguments

Harsh truths and high growth African Confidential
"As Western bankers and traders cheer higher growth rates, Africa’s economists sound alarms about the lack of investment in manufacturing and new jobs."

Privately counted Uncounted
Alex Cobham asks "Should we worry about data held in private, and if so when?"

Banks and tax havens: How the French regions provide better transparency than the G20 TJN Germany Blog.
Web translation here.

Merkel Mocks SPD Anti-Tax Fraud Plan Tax-News
German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out "that if the party had agreed to back the bilateral tax deal concluded with Switzerland last year, then there would now be a situation where no more money is able to flow illegally to Switzerland." - See recent TJN blogs on the Swiss tax deals here and here.

Tony Blair widens his web via the stock markets The Telegraph
On the curious financial affairs of the former British Prime Minister.

The major Banks are the organised criminal enemy within Rowan's Blog

Paying the Price, but Often Deducting It NY Times
"Examining more than $1 billion in settlements made by 34 companies, the Government Accountability Office found that 20 had deducted some or all of the money from their tax bills." Cites U.S. PIRG's report Subsidizing Bad Behavior.

Irish Trade Minister: Internet Giants "Not Ethical" In Seeking Tax Havens Worldcrunch

Goldman Sachs backs down from delayed bonus tax plan Guardian
"Goldman Sachs has backed down from proposals to defer bonuses to allow its top bankers to avoid the highest rate of tax in the face of criticism by Sir Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England."


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