Friday, January 11, 2013

Links Jan 11

Experts in opposition for Accountancy Age tax avoidance debate 
A debate, running from Jan 14 - 18, between Richard Murphy and BDO tax partner Stephen Herring.

Betrayed by Basel NY Times
On the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, faced with renewed pressure from the international banking lobby, agreeing to water down its liquidity requirements.

Working Group To Discuss India, Mauritius DTA Tax-News

After Fiscal Cliff Deal, Warren Buffett Still Pays Low Tax Rate, GE Still Avoids Taxes CTJ

Belgian monarchy rocked by Queen Fabiola tax row The Telegraph

Sweden’s Carried Interest Tax Crusade Jeopardizes Haven Status Bloomberg

Wegelin guilty plea rattles Swiss banks Financial Times

UBS Risk Management Fiasco Illustrates Hidden Big Bank IT Time Bombs naked capitalism

Combat tax havens, a priority mediodiadeamerica

Money Laundering and HSBC - How it affects you TrustLaw

Tax Avoidance Saves Wealthiest Americans $3 Trillion Each Year Huffington Post/The Cagle Post


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