Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Links Apr 10

Luxembourg calls time on bank secrecy with EU states Reuters. Up to a point, Lord Copper. But still, big progress, and if Luxembourg stops its intransigence on this point, it increases pressure on the likes of Switzerland.

Austria joins Luxembourg for EU bank secrecy talks Reuters

More ICIJ reports:

The Swiss Lawyers Who Help Europe’s Richest Families Park Their Wealth Offshore

Faux Corporate Directors Stand in for Fraudsters, Despots and Spies

Billionaires Among Thousands of Indonesians Found in Secret Offshore Documents

Top Malaysian Politicians Use Offshore Secrecy

Son of Leading Pakistani Politician Tied To Secret Caribbean Company

Offshore Tax Havens Became Traps for Investors

TJN Germany Press Release: Close tax haven Germany!

Son Of Taiwan Business Tycoon Sues Over $15 Billion Asset Transfer To Trusts WealthBriefing
The suit, filed in the Supreme Court of Bermuda, aims to “invalidate the transfer of assets that are now valued at more than $15 billion, to four offshore, secret, non-charitable trusts”.

Why Bitcoin “millionaires” could accidentally become tax felons Quartz

NZ Govt Consults On Internal Tax Info Sharing Initiative Tax-News

Europe's best-kept secret: a tax haven for rock stars and Starbucks to stash earnings Worldcrunch / Die Welt
Bono, Bowie, and the Rolling Stones, not to mention Apple, Google and Microsoft keep an address in the Netherlands, which doesn't tax profits by foreigners. What do locals say?

UK: HMRC Explains New Crown Dependency Disclosure Facility Tax-News

The Damaging Links Between Food, Fuel and Finance: A Growing Threat to Food Security naked capitalism

Forex During Birth Shows Asian Women Top Men Private Bankers Quartz
Some insights on the life of private bankers, from an interesting perspective


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