Monday, April 15, 2013

Links Apr 15

Support Grows for European Effort to Fight Tax Havens The New York Times
Europe’s effort to crack down on tax havens gained momentum during the weekend as the number of countries agreeing to share more bank information doubled.

Switzerland under siege as tax row escalates swissinfo
See also Swiss dig in heels

Angela Merkel urges David Cameron to crack down on tax havens The Guardian

Portugal and evaders Diario Progresista (In Spanish)

France takes the fight to tax havens alternatives-economiques

HSBC Switzerland Whistleblower Hervé Falciani in the the high court in Spain el diario (In Spanish)

Bank Owned by Paraguay’s Leading Presidential Candidate Linked to Tax Haven ICIJ

Swiss Bank Pushed Offshore Middleman to Skip Anti-Money Laundering Checks for Wealthy Clients ICIJ

India Says It Will Investigate Offshore Leaks Revelations ICIJ

Secret Files Reveal Rothschild’s Offshore Domain ICIJ

Hogan chases his financial adviser and stolen millions The Sydney Morning Herald
Crocodile Dundee actor Paul Hogan may have settled his tax case with Australian authorities but he is accusing his once-trusted tax adviser of absconding with $US34 million ($32.3 million) he helped Hogan hide in offshore tax havens.

Tax Barrister Loses Case Against HMRC Tax-News
"Some people make the mistake of thinking that a complex avoidance scheme backed by a senior lawyer is safe from HMRC's challenge. That would be a big mistake, as this outcome proves."

Ex-KPMG Partner Is Charged in Insider Case DealB%k

A Tax System Stacked Against the 99 Percent The New York Times
Op ed by Joseph Stiglitz

The biggest banks say the biggest banks aren’t worth investing in, and regulation’s to blame Quartz

British Tax Havens are hard to tame Wirtschafts Blatt (In German)


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