Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Links Jul 16

Australia: Multinationals, wealthy on tax hit-list Financial Review

Bangladesh politician's family set up offshore companies New Age
Emerging through the ICIJ data leak - a story involving BVI companies, an account held with a Swiss bank in Singapore, and New Zealand trusts.

British Virgin Islands data theft stumps Indian tax authorities; offenders could take advantage The Economic Times

India: Tax Havens: Significant progress in probe, sending notices in every case, says FM Indian Express

India: Cobrapost Exposé Leads to Fines on 22 Banks for Violating Money Laundering Norms IndiaWest

FATCA: Foreign Banks Win New Delay in Tax Evasion Rule Dealb%k

US, Europe divided on tough taxation for digital firms domain-b
See also: U.S. 'blocks' tax avoidance reform plans, proposals watered down ZDNet

Activists Arrested Protesting Appearance by General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt Yahoo

Britain considers ban on bearer shares, acts on G8 transparency push Reuters
Britain considers ban on bearer shares. Why were they not outlawed decades ago? See also: Vince Cable fails to step up to the mark on beneficial ownership by asking corporate fraudsters to self certify their identities Tax Research UK

UK To Help Pakistan With Tax Revenue Collection Tax-News

UK: Prince Charles must go public with tax dealings The Conversation
Prem Sikka comments on the UK House of Commons Public Accounts Committee examining financial affairs of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Switzerland: Bank whistleblower faces criminal backlash swissinfo

The Parisian treasures of African tyrants: French government may seize mansions and luxury cars of corrupt regimes The Independent

Vatican Freezes Account of Monsignor 500 after Money Laundering Scandal International Business Times

Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker calls snap elections amid secret service scandal – risking longest held office for any EU leader The Independent

Here’s the Full Guide to Apple’s Irish Tax Haven Wall St CheatSheet

Antigua Responds To FATF AML/CFT Concerns Tax-News


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