Friday, November 27, 2009

From the Huffington Post:

"In the war on drugs the most powerful ammunition law enforcement has is information. Whoever calls the shots is usually the same person who sits atop the money pyramid and while law enforcement may know who these persons are, they have a much more difficult time proving guilt and securing convictions.

Much of the blame for this lies in the calamitous state of justice and rule of law in Mexico. The rest though, lies squarely with the United States, which for far too long has maintained a dangerously laissez-faire attitude about what is permissible conduct in its domestic financial practices.

One such practice is company formation. . . . these U.S. corporate entities serve as fiscal engines for some of society's worst crimes"

Read on.

TJN has just visited the offices of what is probably the largest of these company formation agents. An extraordinary place. We'll bring you more on this in due course.


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