Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prem Sikka on financial power list

Accountancy Age has just published its latest annual Financial Power List, highlighting the most influential members of the accountancy profession. We are delighted to see another of our senior advisers, Prem Sikka, on their list. As the article says:

44 Prem Sikka, professor of accounting, Essex Business School Few in the accounting world don’t have a view on Prem Sikka. The outspoken professor of accounting is a voice of dissent within the profession, and routinely rages against perceived injustices. But his blog, on The Guardian’s website, reaches an audience seldom addressed by traditional accounting media – the general public.

Read Prem's regular Guardian editorials here. On several occasions in the past, another of our senior advisers, Richard Murphy has also been on the Financial Power list.


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