Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Safe tax: use a non-dom

We think this Peter Brookes cartoon is one of the best, or at least the best play on words, to have come out of this whole sorry tax-dodging world, a play on two favourite three-letter words ending in -x.

For reasons of copyright, we're only posting a tiny, low-quality image of this. Click on the original on the Times website, for the best view.

For non-British people, this cartoon features David Cameron, leader of Britain's Conservative Party, with his key donor Michael Ashcroft, self-confessed as a "non-domiciled" taxpayer, looking over his shoulder. Read more on non-doms from the Times, here.

According to one estimate, his non-dom status has cost $127m a year which "could have been spent on schools, hospitals and frontline police officers."

And here is a good headline summary of the perverse world of offshore: Representation without Taxation.


Anonymous Katie T said...

A photoshopped version: http://moneymad.org/david_cameron_poster_nondom.jpg

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