Friday, January 07, 2011

The End of New Deal Liberalism

Something from America, to frighten the children with. From The Nation.
"We have reached a pivotal moment in government and politics, and it feels like the last, groaning spasms of New Deal liberalism. When the party of activist government, faced with an epic crisis, will not use government's extensive powers to reverse the economic disorders and heal deepening social deterioration, then it must be the end of the line for the governing ideology inherited from Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson.

American democracy has been conclusively conquered by American capitalism."
Perhaps we'd replace the word 'capitalism' with 'finance.'

Something big from TJN is coming very, very soon.


Blogger Demetrius said...

There was something big today, did you see the Tchenquiz story in the FT, front page reference, lead story in Finance and Markets, with a comment by Lombard?

9:05 am  
Blogger Physiocrat said...

It's the rise of anarcho-capitalism we are witnessing, a wicked and foolish ideology grounded in a bog of fallacies.

The beast needs to be outed. And the old socialist certainties cannot withstand it. The forces of radicalism need to regroup around a ideology that is up to the task and can expose and demolish the fallacies upon which a-c rests.

4:08 pm  

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