Monday, January 03, 2011

UK Uncut: keep up the good work

From The Observer, on UK Uncut:
Keep up the good work. Your non-violent protests outside high-street chains have shoved tax avoidance on to the political agenda. Sir Philip Green is under pressure to explain why Topshop is registered in the name of his wife, Cristina, who is a tax resident in Monte Carlo. Boots is struggling to justify its domicile in an obscure canton of Switzerland. UK Uncut's adoption of David Cameron-style language is a masterstroke – the group's members call themselves "Big Society Revenue & Customs". The business world is facing a long overdue question – aren't elaborate tax-avoidance gymnastics just as morally repugnant as tax evasion?
As Tax Research notes:
UK Uncut are showing the greater perception of the issues, and that’s why as some corporations told the Observer pre-Chrsitmas, they have no idea how to respond to this issue.
That's because they know, deep down, that tax avoidance, and especially aggressive tax avoidance, is simply wrong. And there's no way to spin yourself out of that.


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