Saturday, February 12, 2011

Links Feb 12

Tax avoidance protesters turn their attention to Britain's banks The Guardian
Feb 10 - UK Uncut to target scores of high street banks in the next stage of its campaign against government cuts and corporate tax avoidance.

Latin America and the black hole of Tax Havens
BBC Mundo (In Spanish)
Feb 10 - How Latin America is impacted by tax havens, and can act at the regional level and through the G20. Hat tip Markus Meinzer and Jorge Gaggero.

Mubarak has gone - now where is his money? Tax Research UK
Feb 11 - Richard Murphy on hypocrisy, proceeds of corruption, and Switzerland

Egypt Lost $57.2 Billion from 2000-2008 Global Financial Integrity
Jan 26 - Our friends at GFI report on Egypt's outflows due to illicit financial activities and official government corruption.

Geithner Rejects Sen. Barbara Boxer's Proposal for Tax Holiday for Corporations' Offshore Profits
Citizens for Tax Justice
Feb 11 - Our friends at Citizens for Tax Justice report on lawmakers in the U.S. Congress discussing a second tax holiday for U.S. corporations' offshore tax profits, after having sworn that the first such holiday, enacted in 2004, would be a one-time event.

U.S. Rep. Doggett questions Congressional Budget Office Director Elmendorf
Press Release from Office of U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett
Feb 10 - On addressing the growing national debt.
“Dollar for dollar if cutting funding for cancer research or local law enforcement has the same effect on the deficit as closing a tax loophole that allows a Wall Street corporation to benefit by stashing their tax dollars offshore, I say let’s close the loophole instead of making those kind of cuts.”

Secret bank accounts in West are "corruption facilitators" - Joseph Stiglitz TrustLaw
Feb 10 - Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel prize-winning economist, has castigated western economies for enabling corrupt African leaders to stash their money overseas. “We shouldn’t enable that corruption and we’re doing that in the West when we allow them to have their secret bank accounts.”

Tax justice activists targeted by angry students ActionAid
Feb 10 - Martin Hearson of ActionAid reports from the World Social Forum on an inspiring demonstration of the need for tax justice.

Majority hostile to business tax avoidance Financial Times
Feb 12 - A Financial Times - Harris poll shows growing hostility towards big business over tax avoidance. "Six out of 10 British people taking part in the poll said they thought it was wrong for UK businesses to “employ controversial but legal means of reducing their tax contribution at a time of economic uncertainty”. Only 15 per cent of respondents agreed it was acceptable to use legal tax avoidance techniques."

Arab Rich Mull Moving Wealth on Egypt Concerns New York TImes / Reuters
Feb 2 - Rich Middle Eastern families are asking their European private bankers how safe their money is as they consider moving their millions out of the troubled region, a Reuters poll shows.

US eyes offshore accounts with tax amnesty Financial Times
Feb 8 - The US is launching a new tax amnesty programme for holders of undisclosed offshore accounts, describing it as the “last, best chance” for individuals to avoid criminal prosecution and come clean with US tax authorities.

Bankers in need
Tax Research UK
Feb 10 - Lovely satire, and reference to George Monbiot's article


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