Monday, November 28, 2011

Tackle Tax Havens - more news coverage

Some links to more news coverage of Tackle Tax Havens:

Huge Cost of Tax Evasion Revealed as Campaign to Tackle Tax Havens Launches envirolib
Nov 25 - "New research published by the Tax Justice Network shows that tax evasion costs 145 countries, representing over 98% of world GDP, more than US$ 3.1 trillion annually."

Time to tackle tax havens New Internationalist
Nov 28 - "$3.1 trillion a year is a seriously significant figure by anyone’s standard. To help put it into context, Murphy has compared countries’ tax evasion figures to their levels of healthcare spending, calculating that in 67 of the 145 jurisdictions assessed, tax evasion losses are larger than the entire healthcare budgets of those countries."

‘Tackle tax havens’ campaign highlights the cost of evasion Tax Journal
Nov 25 - "TJN Director John Christensen said: 'Tax havens are engaged in economic warfare against the tax regimes of sovereign countries, and these estimates reveal the human cost in terms of the impact on health services.’ "

Tackle Tax Havens: A New Campaign The Robin Hood Tax
Nov 25 - "But tax havens are not just about tax: they cause colossal damage on many fronts. Tackle Tax Havens aims to arm the general public with a solid working knowledge of the offshore system and the problems it causes -- and to show what we can do about it."

Tax Justice Network launches anti-tax haven campaign International Adviser
Nov 28 - "In a statement released today, the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) said Tax Justice Network was launching the campaign, Tackle Tax Havens, to 'highlight the critical role that [tax havens] play in corrupting the global economy' ”.

Tackling Tax Havens Brett Parris

Nov 26 - "You may have heard of the role of the Cayman Islands, Jersey, the Isle of Man, the US state of Delaware and others as tax havens. But guess which one tops the dismal list of those facilitating global tax evasion and money laundering? Switzerland! So much for that image of a global public citizen."


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