Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Links Feb 1

Building a Fair, Transparent and Inclusive Tax System in Sierra Leone Tax Justice Network - Africa
January 2012 - Read the latest version of the Sierra Leone country report on taxation here.

Sierra Leone: Standard Chartered wins most compliant large tax payer’ award at the National Revenue Awards 2011 Sierra Express Media
Jan 14 - "The National Revenue Authority Award acknowledges the rapidly transforming tax landscape in Sierra Leone by honouring tax compliance excellence, and by creating local visibility for the best practices in business." A point to note here is that the award demonstrates tax compliance being an important factor in corporate social responsibility.

Ghana: Govt Asked to Stop Revenue Loss Through Tax Laws Review allAfrica

Jan 23 - "Tax Justice Network (TJN) ... has called on government to review laws on tax exemptions in the extractive industry to halt the continual annual revenue loss ... These suggestions were made at a training programme organized by Christian Aid for trainers in tax justice in Accra last Wednesday. Participants were drawn from Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and South Africa." Hat tip: Sandra Kidwingira.

New Mines Act should ensure Zambians benefit Zambia Daily Mail
Jan - "ZCTU secretary general Roy Mwaba said although there is a provision which allows the distribution of mining revenue to local communities, enforcement should be strengthened for Zambians to benefit from mining activities ... Mr Mwaba said transparency is important because it will bring an end to the culture of secrecy which surrounds the mining industry."

India: Tax heat on Mauritius shell firms The Telegraph

Jan 31 - On " 'an 'anti-abuse provision which disallows tax exemptions to shell companies set up merely to use provisions of the double taxation treaty to buy Indian assets but avoid tax payouts'. India has introduced such provisions in tax treaties with Singapore and the UAE."

Hogan fails in court battle to keep documents secret from Tax Office The Sydney Morning Herald

Jan 31 - Another story of international celebrity tax dodging - "The Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan has failed in his attempt to keep secret dozens of documents relating to his fight with the Australia Taxation Office over an alleged multimillion-dollar tax avoidance". See here for our earlier blog on the continuing successful efforts of Australian authorities to crack down on tax dodging.

U.S.: Is plan to tax global profits a campaign move? Politico

Jan 31 - “We are trying to discourage the race to the bottom,” explained White House economics adviser Gene Sperling. “We’re trying to discourage the notion that when somebody is thinking about where to locate production or services, that they should not believe that they can go to a tax haven as a way of having a tax advantage over a company that chose to stay in the United States.” The piece also cites Rebecca Wilkins of CTJ.

Romania: Emil Boc wants more measures to combat tax evasion The Diplomat - Bucharest

Feb 1 - "Emil Boc [Romanian Prime Minister] has asked the ministers of finance and the interior to come up with measures to combat tax evasion, focusing on high-level evasion and stepping up inspections by mixed teams made up of representatives of all institutions involved."


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