Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Links Feb 7

Kodi Katika Africa ATAF
A reminder to check into this newsletter that provides "a weekly news update on tax issues in Africa and beyond."

A fair economy is not radical – it’s common sense! New Internationalist
Feb 6 - Naomi Fowler explains why TJN's Taxcast is so important.

Treasure Islands at Guardian Open Weekend, London, Zurich Treasure Islands
Feb 6 - Nick Shaxson will be speaking in London and Zurich - check out this post for details.

The offshore banking nightmare Canadian Lawyer

February Edition cover story - A very useful article providing some classic examples of how "for those lawyers representing victims of fraud, offshore banking havens pose a legal nightmare."

Swiss Will Tighten Rules on Foreign Assets, SonntagsZeitung Says Bloomberg

Feb 5 - "Proposed regulations, to be put forward by Finance Minster Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, will require banks to demand a declaration from non-Swiss clients that all their assets are properly taxed". See commentary on Tax Research UK: I guess the Swiss think we’re stupid.

Julius Baer expects to deliver client data in U.S. probe Reuters

Feb 6 - More erosion of the illusion of reliance on banking secrecy.

US moves are "aimed at tax cheats", not banks swissinfo

Feb 5 - Fulvio Pelli, the chairman of the Swiss centre right Radical Party is cited: " ... he accused the US of doublespeak, saying Delaware was an “oasis” for tax evaders, and Florida a “stomping ground” for money launderers and weapons dealers."

U.S. The Buffett Rule Is an Imperfect Form of Tax Justice, but an Important Step in the Right Direction Justia
Feb 3 - Another useful article debunking the arguments of those who argue for Romney and co to get special privilege.


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