Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Links Jan 29

The price for helping Cyprus European Voice
Op Ed by Global Witness: "There should be no bail-out for Cyprus until it stops its companies being used to launder money."

Norway to Give Grant to Cyprus to Help Fight Money Laundering Bloomberg

Austria to resist EU Commission coercion to drop secrecy. EU Savings Tax Directive Amendments

Commentary in English on a Der Standard article linked yesterday, on Austria and Luxembourg blocking automatic information exchange.

UBS told to give IRS data on Wegelin accounts swissinfo

Italians Have a New Tool to Unearth Tax Cheats The New York Times

Dell's Multiple Restructurings Aid It in Tax Avoidance Tax Analysts
Great explanation by David Cay Johnston. See commentary from Richard Murphy at Tax Research UK.

Software Firms Find Tax Advantages The Wall Street Journal

UK: Church leaders call on MPs and MEPs to tackle tax justice Ekklesia

Stop accusing firms of tax-dodging, says Ernst & Young Management Today

U.S.: Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House Taibblog

Ex-compliance officer: 'I had to tell the trader what to do – I had two minutes' Guardian

Hat tip: Offshore Watch


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