Monday, March 11, 2013

Links Mar 11

Summary of Secret structures, hidden crimes: Urgent steps to address hidden ownership, money laundering and tax evasion from developing countries - French Version Eurodad

Escape to the Caribbean - corporate tax tricks TJN Germany Blog / ZDFzoom (In German)
Video report features TJN's Markus Meinzer

Nordic Council assembles elite squad to tackle international tax avoidance Investment Europe

Do the BRICS present a challenge to the governance of international tax? Martin Hearson's Blog

Offshore Tax Probe Picks Up The Wall Street Journal
U.S. Chase for Cheats With Secret Accounts Looks to Israel, India and Elsewhere

Tax evasion: High degree of uncertainty over resolving US probes, says HSBC Zeebiz

After FATCA, Swiss Government Tackles Money Laundering too Forbes
As we commented earlier, a step forwards, but these moves are mostly empty. Enforcement is one of the core issues here: a subject where Swiss bankers are master sidesteppers.

FATCA initiative under scrutiny TJN Latin America & Caribbean (In Spanish)

U.S.: Incentives for tax fraud tipsters may get even tinier CNN

Greece: Tax officials probe large bank loans to beat evasion ekathimerini

Tax agreement between Argentina and Uruguay TJN Latin America & Caribbean (In Spanish)

Spain Mulls Publication Of Serious Tax Offences Tax-News

Lenders want Cyprus to raise corporate tax and levy a capital gains tax Reuters
As Richard Murphy notes: The price for bailing out a tax haven is tax, unsurprisingly

How BNP Paribas avoids taxes via Monaco Marianne (In French)
Why banks's don't want country-by-county reporting

UK Business Secretary will back tax revolution The Telegraph
Vince Cable says that he supports country-by-country reporting. Hat tip: Offshore Watch

U.S. companies expand offshore cash hoard by $183 billion The Washington Post

When the Corporate Elite Supported Raising Taxes Bloomberg
See also the interview

Did Panama's corruption index hasten HSBC exit? Newsroom Panama


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