Tuesday, April 16, 2013

European Commission - Improving the Fight Against Tax Havens

This is an important event: European finance ministers discussing and pushing for action on tax havens, secrecy, aggressive tax avoidance, automatic information exchange - and includes the UK's George Osborne pushing for actions on the British tax havens. And important event, so we're going to give you the full video.

Informal meeting of ECOFIN Ministers in Dublin
Press conference by on Friday 12th April 2013 involving:
- Pierre MOSCOVICI, French Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance
- Wolfgang SCHAƜBLE, German Minister for Finance
- Luis DE GUINDOS, Spanish Minister for Economic Affairs and Competitiveness
- Vittorio GRILLI,  Italian Minister for Finance
- Jan Vincent-ROSTOWSKI, Polish Minister for Finance
- George OSBORNE, British Chancellor of the Exchequer


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