Monday, April 22, 2013

Links Apr 22

The G20 gives another win to tax justice – automatic information exchange is now the required standard to beat tax evasion Tax Research UK
Richard Murphy reports on very good news from the the G20 Finance Ministers’ Communiqué

See also:

G-20 Pushes for Measures to End Tax Evasion The New York Times and G20 pushes tax data exchange, Swiss seen as laggards Reuters

And more good news:

Even the Bank for International Settlements is now calling for country-by-country reporting Tax Research UK

Ex-HSBC man says US advised him to go to Spain swissinfo
More on the story of former HSBC Geneva employee Hervé Falciani, accused of stealing banking data - says he was told by US Justice Department officials to head for Spain as his life was at risk. See also: "Swiss banks are the enemy" accordiing to Hervé Falciani RTS (In French)

Environmental tax reform in countries of the South Tax Justice Network Germany (In German, and with English version of the policy brief)

U.S.: Video Game and Tax Day Actions Target Corporate "Tax Evaders" The Real News
Interview with TJN-USA's Nicole Tichon. See also video Tax Evaders: The Invasion Begins and Tax Evaders Video Game Sheds Interactive Light On Corporate Greed Forbes

The pressure must be constant Le Courrier (In French)
Interview with TJN's John Christensen on the Cahuzac affair and its consequences

Cyprus Crisis Prompts Russia to Create its Own Tax Haven The Market Oracle

India: Information sharing with foreign countries may help tackle black money Business Standard

South Korea: Money remittance into tax havens tops $1.6 bln in 2012 Yonhap News Agency

Singapore Will Replace Switzerland as Wealth Capital CNBC

Few in Ireland benefit from tax haven status Al Jazeera
See also: Firms enjoy tax haven in bankrupt Ireland

German Regulator to Examine Banks’ Business in Tax Havens Bloomberg

Greek ex-minister's money laundering trial opens in Athens Global Post

Onshore and offshore realms equally secretive in Greece ICIJ Blog

Tax havens - infographics
ICIJ is gathering infographics from around the world to help illuminate the topic

Google boss defends UK tax record to BBC

UK: Negligence claims rise following tax avoidance crackdown The Global Legal Post

How We Do Our Corporate Tax Research Citizens for Tax Justice

Jeffrey Sachs Calls Out Wall Street Criminality and Pathological Greed naked capitalism

Hedge funds: Launch bad The Economist
Breaking into the hedge-fund world is harder than before


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