Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Links Apr 23

OECD Claims Tax Transparency Advances Tax-News

Kenya: Karuturi guilty of tax evasion
Global flower industry giant found breaking the law in Kenya

Thailand: Growing interest in transfer-pricing tax avoidance could lead to costly audits The Nation
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

BVI Refutes Tax Evasion, Data Leak Claims Tax-News
More on the theme of We Are Not a Tax Haven

Clock ticks on Swiss banking secrecy swissinfo

Austrians Disagree with Government on Banking Secrecy naharnet

Schäuble does not do what he says, Attac, TJN and Transparency Germany call for the end of anonymous shell companies TJN Germany Blog (In German)

New basis for negotiating tax treaties: Developing countries remain outside TJN Germany Blog (In German)

U.S.: Why is Treasury Protecting Tax Havens for Multinationals? Huffington Post

U.S.: Banker Groups Sue Treasury, IRS Over Account Reporting Rule Bloomberg

Tax havens unfair to small businesses The Washington Post

UK: Classic FM, Capital and Heart Radio owners pay no UK tax after sending millions offshore Corporate Watch

We pay £6m tax on £2.6bn UK profits, but that's OK because we help start-ups: Google boss Eric Schmidt under fire over comments on corporate tax The Independent

South Sudan’s oil production restarts amid concerns about transparency Global Witness

Damning video and contracts show BSGR was lying in Guinea mining scandal Global Witness


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