Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taxcast: the Big Four accountants

Reminding readers of a taxcast special feature, looking at the neglected role of the Big Four accountancy firms (aka the 'pin-stripe mafia') in corporate tax avoidance. A Taxcast special from the Tax Justice Network produced by @Naomi_Fowler and featuring Professor Prem Sikka.

Watch it on youtube here.
"They have penetrated the state. They have captured the state. [TJN: more on what 'capture' means, here.] That has resulted in the real corruption of public politics and policy making.

The tax returns and related correspondence of all corporations should be publicly available, and the working papers of accountancy firms who are peddling tax avoidance schemes should be automatically available to the tax authorities."

- Prof. Prem Sikka
See also these, just from this week alone:

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Who really runs this place? Study into how the Big Four influences government - Spinwatch.

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Update: For latest and previous Taxcasts, see here.


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